Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings

Choosing the right window coverings for your home can be a big decision, and it's important to choose the option that's right for your personal style, budget and functional needs. A great option which many customers are now starting to consider is our new Luxaflex® Pirouette Shadings, or 'soft shutters'.

So what exactly are these 'soft shutters' and are they right for you and your home?

Essentially, Pirouette Shadings consist of soft, horizontal fabric vanes which are attached to a single, sheer backing. You can easily adjust these vanes to determine how much light flows through, as well as the extent to which you can see through the sheer, rear fabric.

Here are five reasons you may want to consider adding them to your shortlist:

#1 Innovative and unique Design

Unlike anything else on the market, Pirouette Shadings work in a similar way to the more traditional PolySatin shutters, but they filter the light that flows into the room, and therefore create a softer and more ambient feel.

They also feature a revolutionary and patented Invisi-Lift system, which allows the fabric vanes to be opened and closed without obvious cords obstructing the view. As such they can look like they are floating effortlessly over the window.

"Pirouette shadings provide the appearance of a soft shutter and are a great option especially if, like me, you also have PolySatin shutters in your home," says renowned interior designer and Luxaflex brand partner, Neale Whitaker.

"They seamlessly blend together, creating a uniform look from the outside. The clever, elegant design of Pirouette Shadings consists of softly curved, horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single, sheer baking," he says.

#2 UV Protection

The sheer fabric backing of the Pirouette Shadings also filters UV rays and helps to reduce glare - making them an ideal solution for rooms which attract a great deal of light.

Even when the vanes are open, you can still block UV rays with the sheer backing, which offers protection both to people, as well as furnishings which can fade considerably when exposed to sunlight.

#3 Flexible Light Control

A key reason to choose Pirouette Shadings for your home is the flexibility they offer in terms of light control. When the fabric vanes are open, you can let plenty of soft, diffused light into a room. When they're closed, light is completely obstructed.

"You can adjust [Pirouette Shadings] for unobstructed views, or close them up for complete privacy," says Neale Whitaker.

"Because Pirouette Controls give you such good control over light, they're perfect for media rooms, living areas or bedrooms," he adds.

#4 Various Fabrics, Sizes and Opacity Options

Available in two fabric vane sizes, 100mm or 120mm, Pirouette Shadings can be customised with a wide range of fabrics, textures and colours to perfectly complement any home's interior style.

To ensure they maintain their sleek, premium look, all Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings also feature matching fabric-covered headrails and bottom rails.

You can also customise the level of privacy required by choosing room darkening or translucent fabric opacities. Room darkening fabrics provide privacy without complete darkness when closed, while translucent fabrics deliver privacy and a soft, natural glow.

#5 Range of Operating Systems

Another great feature of the Pirouette Shadings is that they are incredibly easy to use, maximise child safety, and offer a range of operating systems.

"They're a breeze to operate, and they look stunning," says Neale Whitaker.

If you prefer wand operated blinds, you can choose the Ultraglide® Wand, which is a retractable wand that stays a consistent length when you're opening or closing the shades. You simply pull the wand straight down to raise or tilt the shade, or pull it towards the room until it clicks in order to lower it.

There's also the option of an EasyRise® Operating System, which features a continuous cord loop system. A cord tensioner mounts securely to the window frame or wall for enhanced child safety. You simply pull down on the rear cord of the cord loop to lower your shade, and to tilt the fabric vanes. You can then pull on the front cord of the loop to raise it.

If you prefer to have more automated control, you can opt for PowerView®Motorisation. This automatically controls and powers a wide range of Luxaflex® internal and external window covering products, creating the perfect room ambience morning, noon and night. You simply program your PowerView to move your window shades to the exact position you want, and then you control and schedule their opening or closing using the PowerView app.

Want to find out more about Pirouette®Shadings?

If you're interested in learning more about these innovative shadings and how they can offer a great alternative to shutters in your home, you can download the brochure here, visit our web page, or get in touch with a Luxaflex® consultant.

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